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Best Morning Teas

Best Morning Teas

We know many people reach for the coffee pot first thing in the morning, but why not switch up your go-to morning brew every once in a while? Drinking an energizing cup of tea in the morning can help you go from bleary eyed to bright and alert, just like a cup of coffee. So if you think it’s time to kick your coffee addiction to the curb, tea is one of the best ways to start your day off right! Tea offers more variety in flavor and is a much healthier alternative to drinking multiple cups of coffee every single morning.

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Tired of coffee breath? Teas are actually known to freshen breath and inhibit bacterial growth, making tea much healthier for your mouth than a cup of coffee, especially if it’s loaded up with milk and sugary syrups.

It’s true that a serving of tea usually contains around half the dose of caffeine in comparison to a cup of coffee, but tea is actually a better way to boost your energy and give alertness to your brain in the morning, ultimately preventing that dreaded afternoon crash. Tea contains a healthier supply of antioxidants that are more effective in waking up your mind, body, and metabolism without the jittery side-effects of coffee. The natural antioxidants and catechins in tea are also thought to aid in lowering the risk of diseases, cancer, and diabetes. Drinking tea improves clarity, increases focus, and often cleanses and detoxifies your body.

Finally, did you know there’s a science to fighting stress? Tea can be your secret weapon! On top of all the other benefits found in your morning cup of tea, the delicious beverage contains the soothing amino acid L-theanine. This ingredient promotes a peaceful start to your day by reducing stress and anxiety.

Tips for a healthy morning: It’s never a good idea to drink tea or coffee on an empty stomach, so remember to eat some breakfast before you reach for your favorite brew and drink a glass of water (or two, or three…)


We know your mornings are busy enough already, so if you’re looking for fresh, bold and flavorful sips we rounded up a quick list of eight of our best morning teas to try!



Price: From $16

The perfect way to wake up in the morning is with Amber Dawn a delectable caffeinated blend of organic Assam black tea, orange, cardamom, peppercorn, and cinnamon.



Price: $6

Feel inspired to catch the sunrise with Apricot Sunrise Black Tea by Ahmad Tea. The vibrant flavor of apricots gives such a playful lift to this quality blend of black teas, you’ll even feel the joy of the sunrise in your cup as you sip this uplifting and revitalizing tea!




Price: From $14

Crafted by Dryad Tea, Awaken is a dark black tea blend created to aid in waking up. Roasted mate, a delicious blend of black teas, and a touch of cinnamon and vanilla all lend their flavors to this bold tea.




Price: $8

Energize is a fruity blend with a robust, earthy base that's meant to boost energy levels and provide balanced rejuvenation. Davidson's line of organic Ayurvedic Infusions aims to promote balance between the mind, body and spirit.




Price: $7

Indulge in the intense French Roast Herbal Tea by Teeccino. Deep coffee notes from roasted ramón seeds and chicory roots create a robust, focused body without any sweetness. Teeccino satisfies the needs of coffee or tea drinkers who want rich, bold flavor without caffeine or acidity!



Price: $10

Say hello morning with Orange Grapefruit Wellness by Chariteas, a lively and dynamic herbal infusion with a divine aroma. The dried oranges and hibiscus come together for a bright pink brew and the eucalyptus adds a delicious grassy herbal note - this infusion is sure to delight all the taste buds!



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