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The Sips by Box Tea Subscription - $16 Monthly

  • 4 Personalized Teas

    Chosen just for you based on your unique preferences.

  • 16+ Delicious Cups

    Your monthly tea box makes 16+ fresh cups from brands big + small.

  • FREE Shipping

    Explore all types of tea from loose leaf to bagged, shipped for free.

Sips by Customer Reviews

It’s a new month, which means new teas in my #sipsbybox! They hit this one out of the park!

Angela in California

They partner with brands I’m already in love with, brands I’ve been dying to try, and brands I’ve never seen or heard of!

Renee in New York

Month number four of obsessing over my Sips by Box! Boy is it good!!

Shelby in Texas

Sips by really knows me better than I know myself! They always know just what to send.

Allie in Colorado

I’m so in love with this subscription service and so excited over all the different brands!! My teas were perfect!!

Mary in Missouri

I’m loving the packaging and the variety of teas and brands each month. Thank you Sips by!

Matt in Oregon

This box is perfectly fitted to me! I love that my box had new teas for me, within the range of what I wanted to try.

Philomena in Kentucky

How it Works

  • Sips by box of personalized tea for Taylor

    You Tell Us Your Tastes

    Take the tea quiz to join the best tea club, and discover your new favorites across a selection of 1,000+ teas from 100+ brands.

  • Sips by box of personalized tea for Kendall

    Tea Discovery Magic

    Our top secret Tea Gnomes find your best hidden tea gems, and our TEAm ships your personalized tea subscription boxes.

  • Sips by box of personalized tea for Jaden

    Sip, Enjoy, Repeat

    Rate and shop your monthly teas to earn tea rewards. Tell us what you love the most, and we uncover even better gems!

In the Press

Sips by is a tea subscription that’ll ship out tons of divine, high-quality teas you won’t be able to stop sipping all month long.


The only multi-brand, personalized tea subscription box is a great way to try something new or gift to someone who loves tea.

Business Insider

We tried the tea subscription service and loved how it expanded our usual tea palate.

USA Today

This subscription box is perfect for every tea lover


A Sips by subscription is the gift that keeps on giving and a fan-favorite of many tea lovers.

Women's Health

Receiving a Sips by Box every month is like being sent a package from a close friend.

The Daily Beast

Sips by’s tea subscription is one of the most affordable tea subscription services out there.

Business Insider

There are many fantastic tea clubs available today, but only one that takes the time to learn your tastes.

Top Consumer Reviews

About Sips by

Tea-ffs Staci and Melanie met shortly after Staci started Sips by from her living room in Austin, Texas.

After thousands of tea sits, lifetimes of tea dreams realized, and millions of tea-matches made, their passion-inspired tea discovery experiences have been featured in USA TODAY, NBC, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, as well as relished in Member homes across the country, bringing smiles to hundreds of thousands of tea drinker faces, and more day-to-day delight into their kettles and kitchens.

We’re proudly female-founded with the world’s only multi-brand, profile + deep-learning based personalized tea subscription box and online tea shop - and look forward to exploring the world of tea with you.

Sips by is the best tea subscription, a monthly tea box for your taste. Join our tea of the month club and you’ll also join our thriving community of tea lovers. Your tea membership will help you find your new favorite sips, access exclusive tea brand offers, and discover ways to enhance your personal tea practice.

Our brand partners range from large international brands to local tea shops and farms. As tea lovers ourselves, we know that navigating the world of tea can be daunting - we want to help guide your exploration with our tea of the month club. Choose loose leaf or bagged tea, caffeinated or herbal, or have a mix of each, all unique to your preferences.

Looking for a thoughtful and personalized gift for tea lovers? Our monthly tea subscriptions will make them smile. Purchase a Sips by gift card or one of our seasonal themed tea boxes.

Not ready to subscribe? Get started with a free Sips by profile to access special brand offers, win free tea, refer friends for rewards, join our tea club of 750,000+ tea lovers on our blog, learn more about the best tea subscription box, and shop thousands of teas from hundreds of brands big and small. If you're looking for the best tea around the world, you're in the right place!

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