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How to Quit Coffee

how to quit coffee


Resolved to cut back on your coffee intake in 2020? We get it: sometimes there’s nothing quite like your morning cup of coffee to get you out of bed, or that mid-afternoon latte to look forward to.  And while there certainly are benefits to coffee, for some, it might not be the best choice.  If you’re feeling overly jittery or anxious, experiencing digestive issues, struggling with insomnia, or just wanting to cut back on your caffeine intake, you might want to consider giving coffee the ax.  These tips can help you ditch your coffee habit.

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When something is a part of your daily routine, it can definitely be difficult to ditch it. Because of this, it can really be helpful to take a few moments to write down the reasons why you want to cut out coffee so that you have these reminders to look at if you’re struggling. Rather than focusing on the negatives that you might be avoiding, try to focus on the benefits that nixing coffee might offer, like more energy, better sleep, less anxiety, and improved focus.



Because caffeine withdrawal is real, going cold turkey isn’t the most sustainable way to cut out coffee - nor is it the gentlest on your body as it can cause symptoms like headaches, drowsiness, and even make you feel a little more irritable. Try to cut down gradually: if you’re typically a multi-cup person, cut out a cup or half a cup at a time. You can also work on cutting back on the caffeine levels, by switching to half-caf.


If your coffee is your go-to way to get your energy going, you might benefit from adding other ways to boost your energy into your daily routine.  Upping your water intake or introducing mood-boosting exercise like dancing is a great way to do this, while also offering you extra health benefits.  More fun ways include using energizing aromatherapy like peppermint, lemon, clary sage, and rosemary: you can either diffuse these oils or look for bath and body products containing them to level up your morning shower. If your energizing beverage is something you look forward to, try another energy-boosting sip that offers more sustained levels of vitality like matcha or maca.


Sometimes what we love the most about coffee isn’t even the coffee itself, but the experience and ritual that it creates. Rather than focusing on cutting out coffee, try to replace it with another meaningful act of self-care. Try meeting a friend at a tea house rather than grabbing lattes, sinking into a warm shower or bath to get that same cozy feeling, or spend the time you would brewing coffee in the morning reading, meditating, or going for a short walk.


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