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Personalized Tea Discovery Box

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Made by tea lovers for tea lovers, Sips by's Personalized Tea Box is the #1 tea of the month club. Get the discovery box to explore your new favorite teas and tea brands, or gift the box.  

Your Personalized Tea Discovery Box Includes:

  • 4 new premium teas chosen from thousands of top-rated teas based on your unique taste preferences 
  • Steeping guidelines and tasting notes
  • Biodegradable tea filters as needed
  • Tea Discovery Club Membership Perks 
    • Personalized recommendations
    • Members-only virtual tea parties
    • Exclusive free shipping offers
    • Early access to seasonal shops 
    • Tea education and recipes

See our FAQ to learn more. 

What You Get

Four new premium teas each month, chosen for you
Access to the world's best tea brands, big and small
Sips by Box filled with tea samples
Biodegradable tea filters and expert brewing tips
Members-only perks and tea parties
Sips by Box filled with tea samples

How it Works

1. Take the Quiz
1. Take the Quiz ✅
You’ve taken the quiz! Tastes changed? Visit your profile to view your results or update preferences.
1. Subscribe
2. Subscribe
Choose your path and click “subscribe” to check out. Congrats, you’re in the Tea Club!
2. Take the Quiz
Take our 1 minute tea quiz to tell us what you like and unlock our personalization powers.
3. Get ExcitedYou’re about to meet your matches. We work our tea magic to deliver a monthly tea box just for you.
4. Sip and Share
It’s time to spill the tea! Rate the tea in your boxes to refine your future matches.
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What Sippers Are Saying:

"This was the best tea gift ever! Sips by has opened a new world of tea for me."
— Amanda, New York

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the subscription work?

Sips by is a female-founded and led startup that makes discovering tea fun, personalized, and affordable. The Sips by Box is the only personalized, multi-brand tea subscription box. Each month, we take pride in matching you with premium teas and brands based on your unique Steep Taste Profile. Our brand partners range from large international brands to local tea shops and farms. Navigating the wide world of tea can be daunting – we want to help guide your exploration. Three Steps to Your Tea Journey 1) Take the tea quiz to choose loose leaf or bagged tea, caffeinated or herbal, or a mix of each, all unique to your preferences, and much more. What’s your path to tea? Let us be your compass. 2) Your personalized tea selections will ship free to your door. Cancel your plans, break out your favorite mug, and unwind. Cheers! 3) After you taste your teas, login to your Profile and rate each tea. You can even let us know how you felt about the specific attributes and flavors of each tea. The more you share, the better we're able to learn your tastes and personalize for you. Don't Forget Perks! As a subscriber, you’ll get free Sips by Box shipping each month, exclusive access to virtual tea parties, and special deals to shop your teas. You’ll also get access to personalized tea recommendations to help you discover your best match teas in our tea shop. We're excited to welcome you to the Steep Society!

How do you pick my tea matches?

We take personalization seriously. We look at hundreds of attributes surrounding your unique profile, including your answers to the tea quiz, product ratings, comments, and notes in order to select the best matches just for you. It's human-powered personalization supported by Steep, our deep learning platform. Steep uses a suite of algorithms to determine which of the thousands of teas in our portfolio are your perfect match. Steep is constantly evolving, guided by tea experts and our TEAm of tea lovers, ensuring the tea journey of a lifetime. We call it tea magic.

How do you pick tea brands?

We work with more than one hundred of the best tea brands from all around the world, including large global brands, local tea shops, and tea farms. We love discovering brands that source hidden gems from around the world and brands who create their own delicious, hand-crafted blends. As a female-founded business, we curate brands that align to our values. Brand Partners include female-owned, BIPOC-owned, LGBTQIA-owned, and small business brands. More than fifty of our Brand Partners are owner-operated and hand-pack each tea they share with our subscribers. We love brands that have a unique story and we value ethical sourcing and sustainable practices. We work with the brands whose offerings can provide the breadth and depth of quality teas necessary to delight your unique tastes. Exclusive to Sips by We have developed product lines exclusive to Sips by Members, including Cookie Tea, Tea Kitten, Tiny Bee Tea, Magic Moon, and more. We focus on creating blends that our Members will love, with trending ingredients, botanicals for wellbeing, and delicious flavor profiles. Your Feedback Guides Our Portfolio Love a tea? Let us know. Hate a tea? Let us know that, too. Each year, we curate our portfolio to ensure we only include top-rated teas.

How do I track my order?

Click here to track your order. How long? Great personalization takes time! Please allow up to three weeks for your initial order. Subsequent orders will arrive between two to three weeks after the order is processed.

How will I be charged?

Once you subscribe, we will process your initial payment. Your Subscription auto-renews, so we will continue to automatically process your Subscription fee on the Anniversary Date of each month after you received your Full Subscription Term (e.g. 1-Month, 3-Months). Your auto-renewing Subscription will be charged at the Then-current Monthly Subscription Rate, subject to terms of any corporate-approved promotional codes used, until you cancel your Subscription. We explain how to cancel your Subscription here. "Then-current Subscription Rate" is defined as the non-discounted Subscription Rate at the time of purchase. We may adjust the Anniversary Date +/-9 days in order to keep you in the same order fulfillment month given the manner in which holiday schedules and logistics unfold. Click here to read more. Click here to email us.

How do I manage my subscription?

If you're looking to update your Taste Profile, change your shipping or billing information, or skip a month of or cancel your Subscription, click here.

"An absolute must for all tea devotees."