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"It's been 3 years, and I still love being surprised by what tea comes every month!"

Franchesca, Iowa

"This was the best tea gift ever! Sips by has opened a new world of tea for me."

Amanda, New York

"The quality of the tea leaves is impressive, but it's the matches for me. Spot on."

RoxAnn, California

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Sips by is the only Tea Club that offers top-rated personalized recommendations across 1,000 premium teas from brands big and small, and 200+ filters for finding exactly what you love.
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Explore tea types, flavors, and brands curated based on your personal taste. It’s free to take Sips by’s tea quiz and unlock access to personalized shopping.
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Sip, chat, and learn with community events and expert-led tea classes. Whether you’re a tea newbie or an experienced sipper, there’s an event for you.
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