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Miracle Tree

Organic Moringa Herbal Tea - Watermelon

Herbal Tea
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Miracle Tree's Watermelon & Organic Moringa Superfood Tea features the sweet signature of watermelon and nutritious dried moringa leaf to create a deliciously balanced herbal infusion. The tea is light and naturally sweet, with a hint of tang that makes it even more refreshing.

Ingredients: Organic Moringa Oleifera Leaves, Natural Watermelon Flavor


Brewing Instructions: 1 tea bag | 8 oz water | 212° f | 4-5 mins | add ice if you wish to drink it cold

Each box contains 25 tea bags.

About Miracle Tree:

Miracle Tree is a family-owned superfood brand that focuses on sourcing quality herbal teas and powders that feature unique and attractive nutritional profiles. They are committed to socially and environmentally responsible sourcing and production and are organic certified.