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Sir Grey's Night Cap

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Whether it's first thing in the morning or just in time for your night cap, a cup of Sir Grey will help you find your moment of calm. You haven't had it Sir Grey's way until you try it with oat milk and honey!

Ingredients: Orange Peel, Rooibos, Bergamot


Brewing Instructions: 1 tbsp tea | 8 oz water | 195° f | 3-5 mins

Each pouch contains 1.5 oz loose leaf.

About HealTea:

HealTea is a Washington DC-based tea company that is seeking to shift the erroneous narrative on self care being a luxury. They want to help people reclaim a moment of self-care with their convenient and intentionally crafted tea bags so that you can enjoy a loose-leaf experience on the go! HealTea's goal is to produce teas that taste good and are good for the body, so with every cup of their tea, you can sip with a purpose.