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Hampstead Organic Teas

Green Tea & Raspberry

Green Tea
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Only the most succulent and delicate wild raspberries are selected to be gently entwined with your biodynamically grown Darjeeling green tea. The raspberries add a mouthwatering richness to this decadent blend that is best enjoyed without milk.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Raspberry Extract

Brewing Instructions: 1 bag | 8 oz water | 212° f | 3-5 min

Contains caffeine.

Each box contains 20 compostable tea bags. 


About Hampstead Organic Teas:

Hampstead Tea is the world's foremost organic and biodynamic tea producer. Their pledge is to support the growth of the finest biodynamic organic tea and botanicals, focusing on the dual notions of great taste and peace of mind! Hampstead Teas are farmed intuitively, responsibly and in tune with nature, always nurturing the purity of the source. This is guaranteed on all their products by numerous certifications, including the Demeter International biodynamic certification.

As part of Hampstead’s mission to give back to the earth, their packaging and tea bags are plastic-free and home compostable. They were the first to bring stitched (not glued) tea bags to the UK; many other tea companies still use plastic or GM tea bags. The microplastics found in these tea bags find their way into the soil, sea and even the human body, which is why it’s so important that their organic tea is in plastic-free packaging.