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Davidson's Organic Teas

Yerba Maté (Roasted)

Yerba Mate
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Savor the subtle roasted character of this South American herb that's high in antioxidants with energizing properties comparable to coffee without the buzz, jitters, or crash. After harvesting, the leaves and stems of the yerba mate plant age naturally to bring out the mild flavors and delicate aroma before roasting to add a unique nutty flavor. Davidson's Yerba Mate Roasted offers a robust, earthy flavor with a light, roasted finish.

Ingredients: Organic Yerba Maté

Contains caffeine.

Brewing Instructions: 1 tsp | 8 oz water | 212° f | 5-7 min

Each pouch contains 2 oz loose leaf tea.

About Davidson's Organic Teas:

Based in Reno, Nevada for over 40 years, Davidson's Organic Teas is a third-generation, farm-to-cup tea company that prides itself on offering healthful, organic, high quality teas, herbs and spices. The family-owned company operates nearly a dozen bio-dynamic, organic tea gardens in Darjeeling, India. That means that Davidson's grows, imports, blends, and packages their own tea.