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Brunch Tea Kit

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Discover four tasty gourmet + full-flavored loose leaf teas.

Make every morning feel like a weekend treat when you sip these scrumptious brunch-inspired blends. Cheers!

Includes four packets of loose leaf tea (each packet makes four cups), and disposable tea filters.

  1. Sips by Earl Grey - Yuzu Cream Earl Grey
    high-caf, bright + smooth black tea
  2. Sips by Test Kitchen - Lavender Latte
    high-caf, fragrant + energizing black tea
  3. Sips by Test Kitchen - Blueberry Scones
    caf-free, berry + citrus herbal tea
  4. Sips by Test Kitchen - Dutch Baby Pancake*
    caf-free, sweet + fruity herbal tea

    *tea contains nuts

    Made by tea experts, chosen by tea lovers. We know all the tea, but you tell us your favorites. Our tea kits, bundles, and gift sets feature only the best teas for discovery.