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Naughty Guayusa Sips by Sabroso Chai

Guayusa Leaves, Hibiscus Flower, Cinnamon, Fennel

High Caffeine

How to Make This Tea

  • 1 tsp per 8 oz. water
  • Heat water to 212° F or boil
  • Steep for 4 min

Why You'll Love This Tea

Guayusa, found in the Amazonian Rainforest of Ecuador, is a natural energy-booster. This blend of guayusa, hibiscus, and spices will touch your life with passion!

Why You'll Love This Brand

It is easy to tell that all of Sabroso Chai's blends are crafted with love and use high-quality ingredients. They are inspired by different cultures, resulting in unique and flavorful teas that can't be found anywhere else!

Sabroso Chai specializes in handmade natural and organic tea created from family traditions. Sabroso Chai is a women-owned company that carefully blends their teas in the USA. They buy from small villages across the world to help them grow as they do.

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