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Sweet Matcha Sips by Motion Matcha

Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder, Chicory Root Fiber, Monk Fruit Extract

Medium Caffeine

How to Make This Tea

  • 1 packet per 8-16 oz. water
  • any temperature water or milk
  • mix/shake to dissolve

Why You'll Love This Tea

These convenient packets allow you to bring the energy and health boost of matcha with you wherever you go. The matcha mixes instantly into water, milk or juice - no whisk needed! Though this "Sweet Matcha" has a sweet flavor, there's no added sugar. Monk fruit (luo han guo) is a natural, low calorie alternative to sugar.
Add your matcha to smoothies, oatmeal, baked goods, or simply enjoy with water, milk or juice for a supercharged green drink!

Matcha is a ground Japanese green tea that is traditionally whisked into water, instead of steeped. It's characterized by its vibrant green color and promoted for its health benefits. When you drink matcha, you're consuming the entire leaf - that's why it's so packed with added nutrients and antioxidants, compared to traditional steeped tea. It also has relatively high levels of L-theanine, an amino acid that stimulates your alpha brain waves while calming your body, giving you a gentle, energized mental focus.

Why You'll Love This Brand

We love that Erik and Jess are tackling an issue that so many people find relevant - the struggle to find products that are convenient, enjoyable and truly healthy. With Motion Matcha, you can slip a packet into your bag and mix instantly with your drink wherever you are (eliminating the mess and the need for a whisk and bowl). Let's face it - we could all use a little mental/energy boost at times throughout the day, and Motion Matcha is making that much easier!

Motion Matcha is based in New York City, and was founded by Erik and Jess, a husband and wife team who want to make matcha more accessible to the average person trying to lead a healthier life! They discovered that matcha has some amazing health benefits and is a great complement to a healthy lifestyle, but due to the earthy flavor, many people don't give it a fair shot. So they decided to create some refreshing flavors and convenient serving-size pouches for easy on-the-go brewing that are great for both first-time and long-time matcha drinkers.

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