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Trader Nicks Tea

Mermaid Lagoon

Green Tea
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On the magical island of Neverland, there is rumored to be a hidden rock pool where several mermaids like to bathe and pamper themselves. One of their favorite pastimes is, of course, drinking the beautiful and delicious tea which can only be found here, hidden behind the waterfall. If you seek this Mermaid Lagoon tea for yourself, be careful, the mermaids do not like to share their treasured tea, in fact you might get pulled into the water! It is said that the mermaids only like to share this tea with Peter Pan, who visits occasionally and shares stories of adventure and mischief with them.

The tea itself is something to behold; fresh green tea leaves with delicious fruits like pomegranate and goji berries, lemongrass, and a sprinkling of red rose petals. The brewed tea liquid mesmerizes with the color of a hidden lagoon that reflects an emerald sea. Also tastes great poured over ice for a refreshing treat.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Goji Berries, Butterfly Pea Blossoms, Rose Petals, Lemongrass, Pomegranate, Flavor, Cornflower Blossoms

Medium caffeine.

Brewing Instructions: 1 tsp | 8 oz water | 175° f | 3 min

Each pouch contains 50g loose leaf.


About Trader Nicks Tea:

Tea traders Nick & Nicolette believe every cup of tea has a story to tell. They offer a completely unique collection of loose leaf teas infused with magic and adventure. Find theme park and animated classics inspired tea blends and start your tea adventure.