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Ginger Tea

Black Tea
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A premium blend of 100% pure Ceylon Black Tea with natural ginger root. Robust, flavorful and invigorating with the spicy sweetness of ginger. Sweeten with honey or sugar. Delicious at tea time or anytime. From savory to sweet, ginger is a warming ingredient in nearly every cuisine.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Ginger

Contains caffeine.

Brewing Instructions: 1 tea bag | 8 oz water | 212° f | 4-5 min

Each box contains 25 tea bags.

About Tekola:

Ceylon (now called Sri Lanka) produces some of the highest quality teas. Ceylon teas are world-renowned for their full-bodied taste, aroma and flavor. The ideal climatic conditions and topology affords the necessary ingredients to produce some of the finest teas in the world. Strict quality control standards are another factor and Tékola's teas exceed export specifications.