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Tea Kitten

Cacao Heart Eyes

Yerba Mate
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This spiced cocoa blend is as warm and comforting as a cozy fire on a chilly evening. Melted chocolate flakes add a touch of sweetness to toasty chicory and cinnamon spice. Roasted yerba maté and oolong tea provide an energizing boost and balance the complex flavors with a smooth caramel essence for a tea that will give you major heart eyes.

Ingredients: Cocoa Kernels, White Cocoa Butter Splits, Carob Bits, Cinnamon, Chocolate Flakes, Chicory Root, Oolong Tea, Roasted Yerba Maté, Flavor


Contains caffeine.

Brewing Instructions: 1-2 tsp | 8 oz | 212° f | 4 min