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Superfood Stack

Immunity Support Mix

Herbal Tea
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Boost immunity and ease stress with the power of plants in your daily latte, coffee or tea. Superfood Stack is an antioxidant-rich blend of superfoods and adaptogenic superherbs made to defend your day. Sugar Free, Gluten Free, No Stevia, No Fillers. The Immunity Stack was made to be stacked. Lattes. Coffee. Cold brews. Teas. Shakes. Mylks.

Ingredients: Organic Chaga Fruiting Body Extract, Organic Turmeric, Organic Ginger Root Powder, Organic Echinacea Whole Herb Powder, Organic Black Pepper Fruit Powder


Brewing Instructions: add 1 sachet to 8 oz water, tea, juice, or coffee (you can also add to your smoothie or mix with milk to make a latte) 

Each box contains 14 sachets.

About Superfood Stack:

Your days are stacked. Superfood Stack is here to defend them. How you feel tomorrow depends on how you treat yourself today. They defend your early morning workouts, late night brainstorms, and everything you manage to fit in-between with Superfood Stack - an antioxidant-rich blend of superfoods and adaptogenic super-herbs crafted to help boost immunity and ease stress.