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SPORTea is the Ultimate Daily Beverage! A one-of-a-kind, totally unique, crossover beverage between a gourmet tea and a sports drink, The positive attributes of both and none of the negative ones like their heavy doses of sugar or caffeine. SPORTea is a delicious beverage that all can enjoy.

Ingredients: Premium Black and Green Tea, Siberian Ginseng, Eleuthero Root, Ginger, Brazilian Maté, Vitamin C, Trace Minerals

Decaf equivalent (contains less than 2% naturally occurring caffeine).

Iced Brewing Instructions: 1-quart size tea bag | 1 qt. water | refrigerate for at least 4 hours 

Hot Brewing Instructions: 1 tea bag | 6 oz | 212° f | 3-5 min

Choose between Iced (7 quart-size tea bags) or Hot (20 tea bags).

About SPORTea:

SPORTea® has no sugar and energizes via overall body performance efficiency improvement, and not a riveting injection into the central nervous system. SPORTea® contains nothing artificial and is 100% natural!