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Small Business Tea Box

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On this Small Business Saturday, we’re celebrating the brand partners we work with to bring you the best teas from around the world. The tea industry here in the U.S. is made up of many small tea businesses — 100+ of Sips by brand partners are small businesses! At least 50 of our partners are 100% owner-operated and they’re the ones hand packing each tea that they send to us to share with you. It’s an aspect of our service we wish we could highlight more readily — Sips by is a small business that is made possible by small businesses. There’s so much care and passion put into each and every tea that goes into your boxes — from brands of all sizes, from our TEAm to you — which is why we’ve curated this limited-edition Small Business Tea Brands Box.

We’ve chosen just a few of our small business brand partners for this collection of special teas. We know you’ll taste their care and dedication in every sip. #shopsmall

Add on a Sips by Box personalized tea discovery 3-, 6-, or 12-month gift card to create the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life. If you purchase an add-on gift card, it will ship inside your tea box.

Teas Included:

This box comes with enough tea to make 15 cups, disposable tea filters and a reusable muslin cloth tea filter to steep loose leaf tea, and a printed insert with steeping tips and exclusive discounts to each tea brand.

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