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Lemongrass Green

Green Tea
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Lemongrass Green unites Monteaco's slightly sweet, grassy green tea with fragrant dried lemongrass. This unique green tea is hand-picked, quickly heated, and grown in harmony with the forested mountains of Northern Thailand.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Dried Lemongrass

Medium caffeine.

Brewing Instructions: 1 tsp tea | 8 oz water | 180-200° f | 2-3 min

Each tin contains 50 grams loose leaf.

About Monteaco:

Monteaco (formerly Monsoon Tea Company) is a model to the world to protect millions of hectares of forest by growing tea in harmony with the trees and biodiversity, without the use of deforestation. By doing this, they put a higher value on keeping the forest to the farmers and local communities. By protecting the forest, they keep a natural ecosystem alive to provide quality air to breathe, soil for future sustainable agriculture and a home for local communities. This is what Monteaco calls “forest-friendly tea.”

People buy this tea to contribute to protecting the forest and receive the well-known health benefits from natural grown tea. It’s a statement to protect the forest, the local communities and take care of yourself with natural healthy tea.