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Matcha Kari

Matcha On The Go

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Mindful, sweet, ceremonial quality. "Matcha on the Go" single-serve packets mean you’ll stay fueled without lugging your whole stash around. Each individually-wrapped packet is the perfect balance of energy, concentration, and mindful relaxation, crafted exclusively from Japan’s finest organic shade-grown, stone-ground matcha.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Contains caffeine.

On The Go Instructions: Add packet to 12 oz. cold or hot water. Shake hard! Sip and enjoy.

Traditional Instructions: Sift packet. Add 4 oz. hot water (175° f) to 6 oz. water and whisk. Add your favorite milk or non-milk. Sip and enjoy. 

Each box contains 24 single serve packets. 

About Matcha Kari:

Matcha Kari brings you 100% Japanese traditional matcha directly from Uji, Kyoto, the birthplace of matcha where the world’s finest matcha is produced. Their exclusive supplier has mastered matcha over their 400+ years in the tea business. Health pioneer Dr. Andrew Weil co-founded Matcha Kari from a love for true traditional matcha previously difficult to find.