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Iced Tea Kit

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Elevate your iced tea journey with our exclusive Iced Tea Kit, the perfect companion to Sips by's Iced Tea Summer virtual workshop series. Explore the world of tea as you sip on 18 different loose leaf tea blends, expertly curated to enhance your workshop experience. From the comfort of your home, dive into the art of tea-making while discovering new flavors and techniques, all made possible by our Iced Tea Kit and workshop synergy. The kit includes a 10g sample of each tea blend—perfect for making 4 cups or a pitcher of iced tea!

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June Class (6/15): How to Make the Best Iced Tea
• OLLTco - Organic Jasmine Green
• Bare Leaves - Organic Yunnan Gold
• Tea Kitten - Paloma
• Tea Fiori - Amalfi Lavender Limoncello
• Tea Head - Tropical Punch Blend

• Sips by Test Kitchen - Meyer Lemon Black Tea

July Class (7/13): History of Iced Tea
• OLLTco - Organic Assam Black
• Bare Leaves - Organic Nilgiri Black
• Sips by Test Kitchen - Fanning Grade Nilgiri Black
• Made of Tea - Organic Chunmee Green
• Made of Tea - Tie Guan Yin
• Sips by Test Kitchen - Hibiscus Lavender Mint
• Sips by Test Kitchen - Blueberry Scones

August Class (8/10): Iced Tea Blending
• Steep Society - Moroccan Mint
• Sips by Test Kitchen - Chai
• Magic Moon - Sparkling Rosé
• Tea Fiori - Florentine Lemon Rose 
• Tiny Bee Tea - Honey Queen