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Holiday Tea Kit

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Discover four festive + indulgent loose leaf teas.

‘Teas the season! We’ve made a list (and checked it twice) of the best teas to spread cheer this holiday season. These sweet and spicy festive favorites are guaranteed to make spirits bright, one mug at a time.

Includes four packets of loose leaf tea (each packet makes four cups), and disposable tea filters.

All Caffeinated:

  1. Tea Head - Fireside Maté Chai
    high-caf, spicy & warming chai blend
  2. Cookie Tea - Salted Caramel Cookie
    low-caf, decadent green tea blend
  3. Tea Head - Nuts About You
    high-caf, nutty black tea blend
  4. Chez Lulu - Croquembouche Au Chocolat
    high-caf, luscious puerh tea blend

All Caffeine-Free:

  1. Steep Society - Kanelboller Cinnamon Buns
    caf-free, Norwegian cinnamon buns
  2. Chez Lulu - Macaron Menthe Chocolat
    caf-free, mint chocolate rooibos blend
  3. Sips by Test Kitchen - Dutch Baby
    caf-free, dessert pancake blend
  4. Cookie Tea - Almond Cookie Herbal Tea
    caf-free, decadent, nutty cookie blend

The "Caffeine + Caffeine-Free" option includes all 8 teas from both caffeinated and caffeine-free tea kits.

Made by tea experts, chosen by tea lovers. We know all the tea, but you tell us your favorites. Our tea kits, bundles, and gift sets feature only the best teas for discovery.