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Heavenly Tea Leaves

Jasmine Green

Green Tea
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Every cup of Jasmine Green Tea imparts a sweet, soothing, and floral taste making it a truly delicious tea.

Ingredients: Scented Green Tea

Contains caffeine.

Brewing Instructions: 1 tsp tea | 6 oz water | 170° f | 1-2 min

Each pouch contains 4 oz loose leaf tea.


About Heavenly Tea Leaves:

In 2006, Noushin Ebrani used one of her life's biggest challenges as the catalyst for a new venture she called Heavenly Tea Leaves. After beating cancer, she took to drinking freshly brewed organic tea as part of a healthy daily regimen. Amazed at the healing and uplifting nature of tea, Noushin founded Heavenly Tea Leaves with a single goal in mind: to share the goodness of quality loose leaf tea with as many people as she could.

By sourcing the highest quality teas, herbs, and botanicals the world over, and focusing on organics, Heavenly Tea Leaves is committed to offering a selection of the most flavorful and wholesome ingredients while keeping our planet and health in mind—that's their promise. They stress quality and taste above all else, and by borrowing from the world's time-honored tea traditions, founder Noushin Ebrani and her son Matthew are on a mission to share the goodness of loose leaf tea, along with the experiences surrounding it, with as many people as they can.