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Golden Flourish


Herbal Tea
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Give your body a nourishing boost through the unpredictable changes of the seasons with this soothing, handcrafted immunity blend. The nutrient-rich properties of each individual herb are combined with love to maintain your body’s immune system and keep you feeling energetic and ready to take on your day!

Ingredients: Love, Elderflower, Rosehips, Astragalus Root, Echinacea Plant, Echinacea Root, Nettle Leaf


Brewing Instructions: 1 tbsp tea | 8 oz water | 212° f | 3-5 min

Each pouch contains 1 oz loose leaf.

About Golden Flourish:

Golden Flourish is a holistic wellness space with a Caribbean vibe that provides you the ability to incorporate effortless self-care routines into your existing lifestyle.