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Sugar Cookie Sweetheart

Sugar Cookie Sweetheart

Cookie Tea
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Steeped with love, this vanilla sugar cookie rooibos tea blend includes sweet pink heart sprinkles. The rooibos tea base adds a touch of natural warmth to comforting notes of vanilla and cocoa butter for a cup that is reminiscent of freshly baked treats, lazy weekend mornings, and handwritten notes.

Ingredients: Rooibos, Carob Bits, White Cocoa Butter Splits, Honeybush, Sugar Hearts, Catsfoot, Natural Flavor

Contains nuts (almonds).


Brewing Instructions: 1 tsp | 8 oz | 212° f | 5 min | add milk if desired


About Cookie Tea:

Nostalgic tea blends fresh from the oven.

decaf decaffeinated caffeine-free