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Chain of Iron Tea Box

Chain of Iron Tea Box

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Welcome to the world of Chain of Iron! In between hunting demons, solving mysteries, and keeping up with their social calendars, our protagonists love to enjoy a spot of tea. We curated these teas to evoke the feel of four locations beloved to the Shadowhunters and Downworlders of Edwardian London—the London Institute, the Devil Tavern, the Hell Ruelle, and Blackfriars Bridge.

We hope that these teas will complement the adventures of Cordelia, Lucie, James and their friends, and whisk you away to the frosty streets of London…while you stay cozy under a blanket, of course.

Add on a first edition hardcover of Chain of Iron to read while you sip.

Pre-orders begin February 26. Boxes and books ship beginning March 2.

Teas Included:

This box comes with enough tea to make 15 cups, disposable tea filters and a reusable muslin cloth tea filter to steep loose leaf tea, a Shadowhunters map, and a printed insert with steeping tips and exclusive discounts to each tea brand.

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