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Chai Collection

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Caffeine Level

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Are you a chai fiend? Does the thought of a hot and spicy mug make your heart beat faster? Does cardamom flow through your veins? We're here to help spice up your life.

We’ve curated a collection of our favorite chai blends with enough tea to keep you warm all winter.

Collection Includes:

All Caffeinated Teas:

All Caffeine-Free Teas:

Our Mix of Caffeine Levels option includes both caffeinated and caffeine-free curated collections.

Buying the full collection duo gets you 25% savings on the teas included and 150+ cups of tea. Now that's delicious.

Each collection comes with enough tea to make 60-80 cups bursting with chai flavor, a tea heart sticker, and an exclusive illustrated postcard.

Need help steeping? Add on a gold tea infuser ball on the cart page.

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