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Casting Whimsy

Patty, Sir

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This tea gets its name from a play on one of the prominent flavors in this green tea, spearmint and peppermint blend. Patty, Sir is refreshing iced and can be enjoyed as a relaxing hot tea. When looking for a loyal friend, “Patty, Sir” is the way to go.

Ingredients: Organic Ethically Sourced Green Tea, Organic Peppermint, Organic Spearmint

Low caffeine.

Brewing Instructions: 1 tsp | 8 oz water | 180° f | 2-3 mins

Each tin contains 1.5 oz loose leaf.

About Casting Whimsy:

Casting Whimsy is a family-owned business created by two tea lovers. Our unique tea blends are crafted in small batches using only the finest, ethically sourced, loose leaf tea, organic dried spices, herbs, fruit, and artisan ingredients...with a whimsical twist. Our teas are inspired and named after fairytales, folklore, pop culture, and straight D&D nerdiness.