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Fake Coffee Sips by Big Heart Tea Co

Fake Coffee

Big Heart Tea Co
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It looks like a cup of coffee and kinda tastes like one too. Actually, it tastes like an herbaceous, caffeine-free, chocolaty coffee dream come true. Raw cacao brings the energy to the party.

Ingredients: Organic Cacao, Organic Roasted Chicory, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Sweet Cinnamon


Brewing Instructions: 1 sachet | 8 oz water | 195° f | 2 min

Box contains 10 tea sachets.


About Big Heart Tea Co:

The best-tasting cup of tea you’ve ever had began in 2012 when Big Heart Tea Co founder, Lisa Govro, fell in love with the healing power of turmeric and began her search for the very best tea ingredients in the world. 

Building personal relationships with the world’s top organic tea farmers, Big Heart Tea Co has developed a holistic direct-sourcing process that focuses in equal parts on the quality of the tea, the lives of the farmers who grow it and the environment.