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August Uncommon

Days of Heaven

Herbal Tea
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Dusk is the finest time to witness the simple majesty of wheat fields dancing like ocean waves. The aroma of this tea is bright and buttery. In the first sip, you encounter the heady sweetness of warm wheat and hay cooling in the evening air. Then, tart rhubarb gives way to a blend of sweet floral and herbal notes. At the base is a rich custard flavor that lingers on the tongue. As the summer sun meets the horizon, it transforms open pastures into a fiery haze of pink, peach and red as far as the eye can see.

TASTES LIKE: rhubarb jam, custard, California sagebrush, pie crust

FEELS LIKE: open pastures in the golden hour

Ingredients: Lemon Verbena, Rosehip Shells, Croatian Chamomile, South African Rooibos, Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Rhubarb, Natural Flavoring


Brewing Instructions: 1 tbsp | 10 oz | 212° f | 5 min

Each pouch contains 50g loose leaf. 

About August Uncommon:

From dark and boozy, to bright and dreamy, August is like no tea you’ve ever tasted. Our tea is wild, intense, and radically different.

• Only Original Blends. Does the world really need another Earl Grey? We were bored of drinking the same old tea every day, so we made our own.

• Bold, Intense Flavor. Like a great cocktail, our tea leaves a lasting impression.

• The Best Ingredients. It's easy to see why our tea is better. Our ingredients are top-notch.