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August Uncommon


Herbal Tea
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This blend is a dazzling synesthetic experience where sound is like temperature and color has flavor. Warm and cool sensations move in textured rhythms. The tastes and scents wind and twist like shifting colors of an opal. With each sip, there is a dreamy dominant note. One moment, it’s pale yellow vanilla, then another, electric pink grapefruit. Another sip has bluish green mint, then brick-red earthy rooibos. Beauty is not always linear. A tea for lovers of unusual herbal blends.

TASTES LIKE: vanilla, ruby grapefruit, mint, clover honey

FEELS LIKE: ethereal noise pop

Ingredients: South African Green Rooibos, South African Honeybush, Grapefruit Peel, Peppermint, Flavoring


Brewing Instructions: 1 tbsp | 10 oz | 212° f | 5 min

Each pouch contains 1.8 oz loose leaf. 

About August Uncommon:

From dark and boozy, to bright and dreamy, August is like no tea you’ve ever tasted. Our tea is wild, intense, and radically different.

• Only Original Blends. Does the world really need another Earl Grey? We were bored of drinking the same old tea every day, so we made our own.

• Bold, Intense Flavor. Like a great cocktail, our tea leaves a lasting impression.

• The Best Ingredients. It's easy to see why our tea is better. Our ingredients are top-notch.