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English Tea No. 1
English Tea No. 1

English Tea No. 1

Ahmad Tea
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A blend of exclusive quality teas lightly flavored with bergamot. This best seller is more fragrant than an English Breakfast blend with less bergamot than an Earl Grey blend. A delightful cup for all occasions. Balanced in aroma, color and strength. It's both satisfyingly smooth and subtly fragrant, and can be paired with or without milk. 

Ingredients: Black Tea with a touch of Bergamot

Contains caffeine.

Each box contains 20 tea bags.


About Ahmad Tea:

Ahmad Tea is a British family business with over four generations of passion for producing the finest teas. Their comprehensive range of classic black teas, delicious fruit teas, healthy green teas, and natural herbal infusions are sold in over 80 countries around the world! In 2011, Ahmad Tea was awarded the responsibility of supplying and packing tea for the Royal Collection, including Buckingham Palace.