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3 Leaf Tea

Peach Matcha

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A natural infusion of sun-ripened peach flavor combined with fresh, vibrant matcha. So refreshing, you'll feel pretty peachy after having a cup.

Tasting Notes: Juicy, Sweet, Ripe

Rich in an amino acid called L-theanine, which calms you down, paired with natural caffeine to help keep you level-headed throughout the day.

Ingredients: Premium Grade Japanese Matcha, Natural Flavor

High caffeine.

Instructions: 1 tsp matcha | 8 oz water | 175° f | whisk for froth

Using a bamboo whisk, whisk in a zig-zag motion until frothy. Add 6 oz more warm water or your choice of milk.

Each pouch contains 30 g loose leaf.

About 3 Leaf Tea:

Based in Auburn, New York, 3 Leaf Tea was founded by Luciana Torres and specializes in a variety of types and flavors of matcha. Luciana was first introduced to matcha when a friend returned from an exchange program in Japan and brought back matcha (along with a traditional bowl and whisk). When she tried it, she was hooked immediately and noticed that the matcha made her calm, alert, and mentally clear. Luciana was inspired to share matcha with others in a fun way, and ended up turning her passion into a business! 3 Leaf Tea imports their matcha direct from farms in Japan, and flavors all their blends without any added sugar or fillers. Having a direct relationship with farmers in Japan helps them provide you with the highest quality and freshest matcha.