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Bird Song Oolong Sips by The Jasmine Pearl

Lightly Roasted Taiwanese Oolong, Organic Chamomile, Roses, Organic Lemon Balm

Medium Caffeine

How to Make This Tea

  • 1 tsp per 8 oz. water
  • Heat water to 208° F or just under boil
  • Steep for 3-4 min

Why You'll Love This Tea

This soft and elegant tea is perfect for welcoming the return of spring and sunshine. A lightly oxidized and roasted oolong is paired with fragrant flowers and lemon balm.

Why You'll Love This Brand

We love the care that goes into creating each blend - The Jasmine Pearl offers such unique and delicious blends of flavors you may have never thought to combine! If you’re ever in Portland, we highly recommend checking out their shop!

Since 2004, The Jasmine Pearl has been importing and handcrafting specialty loose-leaf tea in Portland, Oregon. Many of their teas are harvested and blended in small quantities, allowing them to share the freshest rare and seasonal teas. They have methodically tasted and studied thousands of different teas for over a decade in search of the most delicious and interesting examples available!

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