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Earl Grey Supreme Sips by Rishi

Organic Black Tea, Essential Bergamot Oil

Medium Caffeine

How to Make This Tea

  • 1 sachet per 12-16 oz. water
  • Heat water to 200° F or near boiling
  • Steep for 5 min

Why You'll Love This Tea

A special reserve for Earl Grey lovers, top grades of Yunnan Dian Hong black tea are infused with an extra-rich application of real bergamot citrus essential oil from fruits grown in Calabria, Italy. Their secret is in selecting bergamot oil exclusively from the first pressing of the year, around November-December, which has the most fragrant perfume and floral aromatic complexity.

Rishi's new double-dose sachets include enough tea to brew up a small pot for 2 or an extra-large mug! If you prefer to take it 1 cup at a time, you can always take half of the sachet contents out and brew as you would a single cup of loose leaf tea.

Why You'll Love This Brand

Rishi Tea is the vanguard source of direct trade organic tea and botanicals. Since 1997, they have traveled widely and nurtured relationships with growers in remote regions across the world. They are devoted to continual research and development alongside artisan farmers and specialist producers. This practice is the foundation of Rishi Tea’s next-level tea quality and blending innovations. By honoring the traditions of the world’s heritage teas and sharing their passion for herbal and culinary arts, they aim to be a wellspring of inspiration for your tea life.

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