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We're glad you're here. In 2017, we started Sips by out of my living room to make discovering great tea fun, personalized, and affordable. We believe that tea offers drinkers an avenue for deeper connection to self and tea friends across the world. We're grateful for the opportunity to show you and Members your best paths to tea.

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Staci's Tea Story

On Staci's journey to discover great tea, she realized three things: there’s always more to learn, exploring tea can be expensive, and finding great tea is hard. Despite these challenges, she knew that drinking tea made her feel good. In 2010, a trip to Japan and China turned her tea hobby into a full-blown passion. After spending hours searching through websites and grocery store shelves, she often wished she had a friend who could show her the way. She created Sips by to be that tea friend, helping Members explore great tea and brands around the world. Because she believes (as do we!) that drinking tea can make you feel good, too.

More Than Tea

Wellbeing, Connection, Community More than just a delicious caffeinated beverage, we view tea as means for overall wellbeing, connection, and community. We love to host tea events in order to have a little fun, and give Members an opportunity to learn and share the why behind your matches. Culture, Tradition, Origin Tea has a centuries-old history, rich with tradition in growing regions around the world. Drinking tea together provides an opportunity to enjoy the art of cultivating and sharing the leaves and their stories. We believe, in life and tea, that we are all perpetual students, and there is always more to learn. Please reach out if you would like to share thoughts on how we can share tea with our community.

Made For You

We take personalization seriously. We create your taste profile using data from multiple sources, including your answers to the tea quiz, product ratings, and your tea notes in order to select the best matches just for you. It's human-powered personalization supported by Steep, our deep learning platform created by Øivind Loe, our Founder's husband, a Norwegian Viking, and 4-time high-tech patent holder. Steep uses a suite of algorithms to determine which of the thousands of teas in our portfolio will be your perfect match. Steep is constantly evolving, guided by tea experts and your feedback over time, ensuring the tea journey of a lifetime. We like to call it tea magic.

Tea Friends Forever

Melanie joined Staci at Sips by in its first year. Over many (many) cups of tea, they learned about each other's Midwestern roots, entrepreneur-Dads, shared passion for travel, miniature things, quirky videos, staying up way too late, glitter, and, of course, tea. It was tea-ff love at first sip. Staci and Melanie have lived several lifetimes of tea dreams, and have helped many people discover their own love of tea over the past five years. Their personalized tea discovery service has made millions of tea matches and counting. Through Sips by, Staci and Melanie have created a variety of joyful tea products and services to delight Members and tea friends.

Tea Portfolio with Purpose

How do we pick tea brands? We work with one hundred of the world's best tea brands, including large global brands, local tea shops, and tea farms. As a female-founded business, we seek out brands that align with our values. Our partners include women-owned, BIPOC-owned, AAPI-owned, LGBTQIA-owned, and small business brands. We value brands with ethical sourcing and sustainable practices. Exclusive to Sips by In addition to sourcing tea from exciting brands, we've created our own product lines. Cookie Tea, Tea Kitten, Tiny Bee Tea, and Magic Moon are just a few of our exclusive brands. We focus on creating blends with trending ingredients, botanicals for wellbeing, and delicious in-demand flavor profiles. Your Feedback Guides Us Love a tea? Let us know. Dislike a tea? We want to know that, too. Each year, we curate our portfolio to only include top-rated teas.


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