The Irie Cup

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The Irie Cup is a family owned and operated company by husband-and-wife team Joseph and Lashanda Lewis. They have always had an affinity for tea for as long as they both could remember. Growing up in Chicago, Joseph's father would always give subtle reminders, in words or actions, that they are part of a deep, rich heritage. Taking a walk into their backyard, you would not be able to tell if you were on the south side of Chicago or in the flourishing flower gardens of Mandeville, Jamaica. They would often find exactly what they needed around their home. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, carrots, and, of course, mint leaves. They never gave a second thought to what kind of tea they would have when they wanted tea. Mint tea, using the fresh-grown tea leaves outside their home, was their go-to. As Lashanda and Joseph began to encounter various ailments, her family would always seem to know exactly what tea could help. Do you have a headache? Drink fever grass. A bad cold? Garlic tea! Upset stomach? Ginger Tea! All of the above? Drink Cerasee! In 2016, they endeavored to share what they have always known with their friends and communities. This year, their dream of sharing their culture has become reality.