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Sunshower Spice

Sunshower Spice

Rainy Day Tea Co
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Just like the sun peeking through the clouds, this brightly spiced herbal blend is a soothing pick me up. Don't want to venture out into the stormy weather? Stay home with a mug and some fuzzy socks - who could blame you? 

Ingredients: Ginger, Carob Bits, Apple Bits, Rosehip Peels, Cinnamon, Chicory Root, Cardamom Seeds, Black Pepper, Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Cloves


Brewing Instructions: 1 tsp | 8 oz | 212° f | 5-7 min


About Rainy Day Tea Co:

Teas to brighten rainy days and cozy blends for curling up with - we'll sip to that.