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We take personalization seriously. We create your taste profile using data from multiple sources, including your answers to the tea quiz, eventual product ratings, comments, and notes in order to select the best matches just for you. It's human-powered personalization supported by Steep, our deep learning platform. Steep uses a suite of algorithms to determine which of the thousands of teas in our portfolio will be your perfect match. Steep is constantly evolving, guided by tea experts and our TEAm of tea lovers, ensuring the tea journey of a lifetime. We like to call it tea magic.

Looking for a sweet tea treat to cool down on a hot day? Explore our Ice Cream Tea Shop filled with tasty teas top-rated by Sips by’s 750,000 members for their spot-on sweetness. Whether you’re looking to cool down with a refreshing iced tea, indulge in a warm cuppa, or even make your own tea-infused ice cream treat, we've got your favorite flavors covered. No matter if you’re a French vanilla connoisseur, a rich chocolate lover, or a green tea guzzler, we have all the ice cream teas your heart could desire - with extra "toppings”! Sample your favorite flavors in our Ice Cream Tea Shop today.