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Why Drink Tea?


Myths, legends, and modern-day naturopaths all laud tea for its restorative and health-laden properties. But the question "why drink tea?" is best answered by each individual.

People drink tea for a variety of practical, mindful, community, and cultural reasons. In fact, our founder, Staci, shared her own reasons for drinking tea.

Tea can provide a caffeine kick in the morning, an l-theanine boost to promote focus and relaxation, a digestive aid after a heavy meal, or a calming nourishment to help wind down. Studies have also linked tea to numerous long-term medical benefits, such as potentially reducing the risk of heart attack, various cancers, and Parkinson’s.

Many tea drinkers also use it for the mindfulness benefits. The process of brewing tea can have a meditative quality to it, as can taking time out of your day to enjoy a cup of tea.

In many parts of the world, tea is a cultural tradition. Over the centuries, countries have developed their own tea traditions (such as the Gongfu Cha ceremony in China) and blends (such as Moroccan mint tea).

Plus, communities around tea are almost as old as tea itself. Some communities are classic, such as tea houses in China and the UK, while others are modern. And with the internet, tea drinkers are able to connect and form community like never before. (We love having our own community of tea drinkers on Facebook and Instagram.)

And finally there is a reason that almost all tea drinkers can agree on: it just tastes good.

What kind of tea drinker are you?


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I drink tea all day. Iced in various ways. To recharge in afternoon. Comfort to treat myself and relax.
Health benefits matcha
Started drinking tea with my mother as a child.
On sundays we would have high tea fairly often.


The teas that I have tried are very tassty!!

Nanette Leiker

The teas that I have tried are very tassty1

Nanette Leiker

I love a good English breakfast tea; an unflavored green tea; a white tea with a delicate fruit flavor; a tasty oolong, etc.

Beulah Stillman

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