15 Tea Party Desserts Sure To Please & Impress

Tea party desserts

We’re in the height of tea party season, so it’s high time to up your tea party game. In the world of tea parties, tea snacks are almost as important as the tea itself.

While tea sandwiches are a necessity, you can make your tea party truly stand out with some tea-themed desserts! This is a lovely way to have fun and show off your creative chops, so let’s discover some delicious recipes together.

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15 Tea-Themed Desserts To Try Today

Desserts have been a part of tea time since the 1800s when tea biscuits first entered the scene. As sugar became more accessible and French culinary influences swept across the globe, tea enthusiasts began pairing teas with biscuits, tarts, and cakes.

As amateur baking has gained popularity, more and more bakers are adding unique and creative flairs to classic tea desserts. We’ve scoured the internet and found some yummy tea-themed recipes that are sure to make a splash at any tea party.


Springtime is all about pastels, flowers, and delicate elegance. In other words, this season fully embodies the traditional high tea. We recommend pairing the following recipes with light teas such as white tea, green tea, and light oolong.

Almond Matcha Cupcakes

With their almond base and matcha buttercream, our almond matcha cupcakes are a wonderful way to see your guests’ jaws drop. Not only are they absolutely delicious, but they’re incredibly easy to make!

If you have the ingredients to make cupcakes, then you have the ingredients to make these. Just head on out to the grocery store to procure some matcha and almond emulsion, and get to work on your masterpiece.

Matcha Green Tea Truffles

Matcha green tea truffles are a springy take on the classic chocolate truffle. If you enjoy matcha green tea powder, then you’ll enjoy these daring treats.

All you’ll need for these bite-sized masterpieces is some culinary matcha, white chocolate, heavy cream, salt, and freeze-dried raspberries. 

While truffle-making may be a learning curve even for experienced amateur bakers, your friends will be that much more impressed when you pull it off! Just be careful because these yummy treats will melt in the heat.

Earl Grey Panna Cotta 

If you’re leaning more towards a traditional high tea party, look no further than a too-pretty-to-eat Earl Grey panna cotta. This elegant dessert is a lovely tea companion and is sure to be the talk of the ton.

The panna cotta itself is flavored with Earl Grey, and it pairs wonderfully with a deliciously simple almond crust. You can garnish these tarts with anything, but dried edible flowers are always a great way to liven up a classic recipe.


Summertime is a wonderful season to break out vibrant colors and bold bakes. The vivacity of this hot season lends itself wonderfully to frozen and iced desserts. We recommend pairing these desserts with fruit tea, sweet tea, and green tea.

Matcha Milkshake

At your next tea party, why not break out this creative twist on the summer classic? A matcha milkshake is a great way to earn the mouthwatering praise of your guests.

To make this recipe, all you’ll need is ice cream, matcha, and milk. The great thing about this recipe is that you can adjust it to your liking! It also works with non-dairy substitutes like almond milk and coconut ice cream.

Spiced Chai Ice Cream

There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than with good old-fashioned ice cream. Unless, of course, you spice it up!

We’re not fortune-tellers, but we predict that spiced chai ice cream will be a huge hit at your next tea party. Imagine the silky sweet chai flavors of cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and ginger, but in ice cream form. It’s like a little scoop of heaven!

Peach Tea Sorbet

If you’re looking for the ultimate summer dessert, look no further. Not only is this peach tea sorbet super delicious, but it’s naturally dairy-free.

All you’ll need for this summertime hit is peaches, peach tea, and honey for added sweetness. You can even swap the honey for your favorite sugar alternative to make this recipe vegan!

You can also put the “party” in “tea party” by adding a splash of vodka. A little liquor is a great way to kickstart some fun, and it always helps if it tastes yummy, too!

Hibiscus Shortbread

If you love shortbread, you’ll love this tropical take on the holiday classic. Plus, hibiscus shortbread’s pastel purple hue is gorgeous for the ‘gram. Because if there aren’t pictures, it didn’t happen, right?

To create this shortbread, all you’ll need is hibiscus tea, poppy seeds, butter, sugar, vanilla, flour, and water. Even if your baking journey is just starting, this recipe is easy to get the hang of.

While you can certainly serve these cookies plain and wow your guests, we recommend adding an extra wow factor by garnishing with dried flowers or using a stamp to imprint a bold summer pattern. You can even use a patterned rolling pin to get the job done!


Autumn is characterized by muted, earthy tones and cozy flavors. This beautiful season lends itself to warm tastes and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and bergamot. We recommend pairing these desserts with a cup of chai, Earl Grey, or warm ginger tea.

Blackberry Earl Grey Cupcakes

As the seasons change and darker colors replace summer’s vibrancy, it’s time to start leaning into some darker flavors. That’s why these blackberry Earl Grey cupcakes are a lovely choice for the season!

The rich purple hues of the roasted blackberry frosting are a wonderful complement to any autumn charcuterie board or seasonal spread, and your guests are sure to pepper you with questions about the delicious recipe.

Oolong White-Hot Chocolate

Oolong tea is a lovely complement to strong flavors because it amplifies the yummiest parts of its pairing. This tea-themed twist on the classic hot cocoa is no different.

This oolong white-hot chocolate is ridiculously smooth and satisfyingly sweet and is wonderful for enjoying in autumn’s colder weather. If you’re planning a cozy tea party, this drinkable dessert is a great way to finish out the night.

Black Tea Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles are the ultimate autumn cookie. With their warm flavor and buttery texture, they make a great pair with the falling leaves and pumpkin spice.

But what if you spiced it up a little? Allow us to introduce black tea snickerdoodles!

These cookies are a subtle twist on the original, featuring the delicate floral and citrus notes of black tea. If you already have a favorite snickerdoodle recipe, don’t worry! All you’ll need to do to adapt it is add in some crushed black tea leaves.

Cinnamon Eggnog

If you love a good glass of eggnog but would rather leave the alcohol out of it, then this recipe is for you! Based on ground black tea and homemade chai spices, this from-scratch cinnamon eggnog will spice up any holiday gathering.

Although this recipe is non-alcoholic, you can easily add your favorite liquor for an added kick, or let your guests choose for themselves!


Winter is known for its pale hues and cold weather. Recipes for this season are rich in flavor and warm spices, designed to help keep the cold at bay. We recommend pairing these recipes with rich black tea or spiced rooibos.

Mint Tea Hot Cocoa Float

Yet another twist on the classic hot cocoa, this mint tea hot cocoa float is an effortless way to add an instant touch of creativity to your tea party. This popular flavor combination wonderfully embodies wintertime and is a great precursor to a cozy evening activity.

This hot cocoa recipe is completely made from scratch, so it’ll be like drinking liquid chocolate. Plus, the ice cream float topping works with the chocolate to create a mouthwateringly creamy taste that your guests will never forget.

Black Tea Cutout Cookies

If your friends or family like to make Christmas cookies, then these black tea cutout cookies are the recipe for you! These cookies are made with cooled black tea for a subtle warmth that will have guests clamoring for the recipe. 

Don’t worry, you can take all the credit!

Eggnog Tea

This tea-infused eggnog recipe is unlike anything you have ever tried before, we guarantee you. If your goal is to impress, then this recipe will do the trick. 

By infusing homemade eggnog with black tea and adding in a splash each of bourbon and spiced rum, you’re sure to find yourself a new seasonal staple.

Vanilla Rooibos Tea Cookies

This tea is a witty play on the classic tea biscuit. Why? Because there’s already tea inside the biscuit!

Whether you need to plan a teatime on the go or you’re looking for creative treats to serve at your party, this vanilla rooibos tea cookie recipe is here to please.

In Conclusion

Tea parties are a fun way to impress your guests and stretch your creativity. With these delicious tea-themed desserts, you’re sure to do both! 

While we separated these recipes by season, history’s made by breaking the rules. Feel free to use these recipes at any time — delicious flavor knows no boundaries!

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