6 Surprising Fruit Tea Benefits

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Imagine the best ripe berries, zesty oranges, or juicy red strawberries combined with your favorite summertime drink — a cool glass of iced tea. We're here to tell you fruit teas are real, and even better than you think. Delicious hot or iced, fruit teas offer a wide range of health benefits, from boosting your immune system to improving your digestion. Read on to learn 6 surprising benefits of drinking fruit teas.

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What are Fruit Teas?

The most common method of making fruit tea is infusing fruit flavors into a tea base, like a black or green tea base, for example. Fruit flavors can be infused through extracts, fruit juices, or pieces of dried fruits mixed in with the tea leaves. The second method, for a milder flavor, is steeping the dried leaves and bark of certain fruit plants in hot water.

The vast majority of fruit teas are caffeine-free unless mixed with a base that naturally contains caffeine, like a black or green tea blend. Still, many of these fruit infusions provide an energy boost. Especially blended with energizing herbal teas, like peppermint or ginger tea, fruit teas can act as a refreshing and uplifting drink.

We should also note that fruit leaf tea isn't technically tea. All tea leaves are harvested from the Camellia sinensis plant. Black tea, green tea, white tea, and oolong tea all come from this one plant. Although it's not considered "real" tea, it still makes for a warm and comforting cup and offers some of the same benefits as drinking tea.

Want to try more fruit teas? Here are some of our favorites:

Types of Fruit Teas

Part of what makes fruit teas so wonderful is the wealth of varieties. Practically any fruit can become a fruit tea, so while there are too many to name, here are some popular fruity tea additions:

  • Peach: A summertime classic, peach tea combines the delicate taste of peaches with the complex and savory notes of your favorite tea base. Peach leaf tea, made from the bark and leaves of the peach tree, also makes for an excellent herbal tea.

  • Mango: Is there anything better than ripe, juicy mango? The tropical taste of mango can be used as a flavoring agent in a variety of herbal teas or incorporated in dried or candied mango slices into any loose leaf blend.

  • Passion Fruit Tea: The bold and exotic flavors of passion fruit add a punch to any type of tea. Made from the pulp of this South American fruit, passion fruit tea typically combines the essence of passion fruit with a base tea to make a delicate and fruity blend.

  • Pomegranate Tea: Typically made from crushed pomegranate seeds or dried pomegranate flowers, pomegranate tea produces a subtle and fragrant cup that's both heart-healthy and promotes better sleep.

  • Guava Tea: Guava tea, made from guava juice or extract, has a much stronger, fruitier flavor than guava leaf tea, which is more subtle and herbal. Studies on guava leaf tea have shown its ability to help regulate blood sugar, as well as its potential antifungal and antiviral properties.

  • Strawberry Leaf: The natural sugars and tartness of fresh strawberries pair well with herbal teas and green tea, for a berry-licious cup. Strawberry leaf tea, which you can make at home with wild strawberry leaves, has a much milder flavor and unique tea benefits.

  • Pineapple Tea: The sharp, acidic taste of pineapple is transformed into a bold cup by steeping pineapple skins in hot water, or adding pineapple juice directly into a tea. Pineapple skin tea in particular has remarkable detoxing and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Dragon Fruit Tea: Bursting with flavor, dragon fruit tea has a strong sweetness, and is also a great source of iron and antioxidants. Also called pitaya, dragon fruit is a cross between a kiwi and a pear, and makes for a must-try tea.

  • Apple: Dried apple is a popular addition to many tea blends — and for good reason! Steeped into tea, it adds depth of flavor and is extremely versatile. In a spiced black tea, an apple can help create an autumnal vibe, while in a hibiscus blend, it can bring some richness to a summer drink.

Try some of these best fruit teas:

Health Benefits of Fruit Teas

Fruit teas offer many health benefits, thanks to the mix of nutrients from the fruits, as well as the base blends. Fruit tea benefits vary by type, but many are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, which can improve overall wellness. Here are just 6 of the many fruit tea benefits:

1. Immune-Boost

Fruit teas are generally rich in vitamin C, which helps strengthen your immune system. Additionally, they defend your body by providing antioxidants. Microbial compounds in peach leaf tea aid with immune health, and other antioxidants in peach teas work to defend your body against free radicals. Goji berry tea is also a popular immune booster. With vitamins A, E, and C, goji berry tea strengthens the immune system and boosts the production of white blood cells.

2. Clearer Skin

Did you know fruit teas can improve skin health? Vitamins in these fruits can help fight acne, hydrate skin, or protect your skin's natural barrier. Cherry tea, for example, is known to have a detoxifying effect on your skin and body. Vitamin C also promotes collagen, which has anti-aging properties.

3. Improving Heart Health

Dried berries, orange peel, and raspberries are high in antioxidants, which some research suggests may lower cholesterol. Other fruits, like apples, strawberries, and lemon, contain pectin, a type of fiber that lowers "bad" cholesterol. Pomegranate tea may also lower blood pressure, ensuring your heart stays in good health.

4. Aid Digestion

Multiple fruit teas have histories in traditional medicine as remedies for stomach ailments. Strawberry leaf tea may soothe stomach pains and support gut health. The nutrients in blackberry tea have been shown to also ease digestive issues and an upset stomach. Consider trying a fruity blend mixed with other gut-friendly herbs, like ginger tea, for extra effectiveness.

5. Regulate Hormones

Raspberry leaf tea aids in so many areas of women's health, that it's been labeled as the "women's tea" for centuries. In its long history in herbal medicine, raspberry leaf tea has been proposed as a remedy for everything from painful periods to strenuous birth to fertility issues. This is due to the high levels of plant estrogen in raspberries. If consumed regularly, it's even rumored to help with irregular periods. While research in this area is limited, it's still a favorite among pregnant women in the later stages of pregnancy.

6. Reduce Inflammation

Several fruit teas have strong anti-inflammatory effects. Phenolic compounds in stone fruits, like cherry, peach, and apricot, reduce inflammation, and related pain or swelling. Pineapple tea also has strong anti-inflammatory enzymes and is often consumed to reduce swelling after an injury.

Interested in fruit tea benefits? Try out these healthy teas:

Fruit Tea Recipes

There are so many fruit teas to choose from, and so many pair well with different added herbs and spices. Experiment by adding a sprig of mint to your glass of peach iced tea, or explore a dash of ginger with zesty orange tea. A splash of lemon pairs well with basically any fruit tea, and if you have a sweet tooth like us, a little bit of sugar or honey is sure to make for a delectable cup.

Even without the caffeine, these fruity teacups can be turned into energizing smoothies. Try this Lemon Pitaya Smoothie or bright, seasonal drinks like this Peach Matcha Lemonade. Fruit teas can also be easily transformed into fun fizzy drinks, like in this Strawberry Green Tea Mojito recipe. If you're feeling adventurous, try making homemade Fruit Tea Boba.

You can even try out fruit tea dessert recipes, like this Peach Tea Sorbet or Raspberry Lemon Tea Bars recipe.

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