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Best Teas for Glowing Skin

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Drinking tea is a simple self-care practice and one of the best ways to get your skin glowing from the inside out. Several types of tea contain antioxidants and super blends of catechins and polyphenols with natural anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that have been used for centuries to balance mood, boost immunity, and clear complexion. Try incorporating tea time into your day or night skincare routine to stay hydrated and soak in all the natural healing benefits tea has to offer.

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Best Tea for Glowing Skin

We curated a list of the best naturally detoxing and skin-protecting teas that’ll give you a healthy glow all year-round and make you feel your absolute best so you can keep radiating everything that makes you special!



Sips by Pinky Up
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Why you’ll love this tea

Turn up your inner shimmer! Turmeric and ginger make a delicious combo and can help perk up your complexion by supporting circulation and healthy inflammation responses. This blend includes known sources of antioxidants like apple and chamomile—start your morning here, your skin will thank you later.

Why you’ll love this brand

Pinky Up® tea is about enjoying great flavor in style. The brand was created in 2016 in Seattle, WA by a group of women who love tea and want high quality ingredients packaged with fun, feminine flair. From brewing to serving to sipping, Pinky Up® has tea time nailed down.

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Skin Deep

Sips by Urbal Tea
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Why you’ll love this tea

A unique blend of cherry, cinnamon, coconut, and other herbs and roots to help combat skin issues from the inside out.    

Why you’ll love this brand

We love Nick's deep-rooted respect for the planet and the role it plays in holistic healing and wellness. His blends are organized into targeted health functions, such as Brain Booster, Sleep Right, and Stress-Out. While drinking Urbal Tea you can be assured you're doing your body and mind a favor! Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Urbal Tea was founded by Nick Nowaczyk with a goal of promoting the healing powers of tea and herbs. From an early age, Nick had a desire to learn about what nature provides to us to heal, refresh, and preserve the vitality of our body and mind. By working as an apprentice, he mastered herbalism and found a deep connection between humans, plants and health and now offers unique, nourishing blends to promote health and wellness.

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Sips by Shari's Tea
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Why you’ll love this tea

A bold and tart caffeine-free herbal infusion crafted from finely cut hibiscus leaves. Enjoy this antioxidant-rich brew hot or iced.

Why you’ll love this brand

Shari's Tea is a boutique tea company that prides itself on providing convenience to loose leaf tea drinking. Founded in 2019, Shari's Tea has grown to become a premier tea company best known for our Shari's Tea To Go kits, which are 5 half-ounce bags of various seasonal loose leaf teas.

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Morning Radiance: AM Blend

Sips by Pure Kure Skincare
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Why you’ll love this tea

Pure Kure Skincare's Clear Skin Tea is specially formulated with organic spearmint and skin renewing herbs and flowers so you can brew clear skin from the inside, out! With consistent and routine use, breakouts and acne diminish, and skin appears healthy, hydrated, and glowing. Enjoy the aroma of fresh rose petals and pomegranate, and the delicious and light flavor of spearmint and green tea. The aroma and flavor alone make this blend easy to add to your daily skincare routine!

Why you’ll love this brand

After 8 years of overnight shift working in various ICU’s as registered nurses, Pure Kure Skincare founders realized that their true passion was wellness. They earned their Family Nurse Practitioner advanced degrees and specialized in aesthetics, health, and wellness, with a focus on skincare. Pure Kure Skincare is more than just a dream, it is a passion and hobby turned into a diverse and eco-friendly skincare brand. Inspired by nature, Pure Kure Skincare only uses premium loose leaf tea. Their herbs and botanicals are sustainably sourced from farmers and growers in Northern California. Pure Kure Skincare is brewing clear skin one cup at a time!

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Love Thyself

Sips by Crooked Crows
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Why you’ll love this tea

Love Thyself Tea blend is a smooth, gentle tea with sweet, herbaceous undertones to embrace your being. You are your words, your actions and your thoughts. Begin healing your soul with a cup of Love Thyself Tea, imbued with kindness from all natural, organic, ethically sourced ingredients. Love Thyself Tea Blend will remind you that you are worthy of your own love and forgiveness so you can move forward with your life, empowered and your own best friend. We work with the phases of the moon to enchant Love Thyself Tea with empowerment and patience.

Why you’ll love this brand

Crooked Crows travel the planet, researching different methods of herbal and historical healing practices. Each product from our Apothecary is meticulously made by hand in small batches through our unique, alchemical method inspired by our explorations. Our batches are started in the dark light of the New Moon and extracted by the glow of the Full Moon with close adherence to basic principles of Alchemy. At Crooked Crows, we are inspired by knowledge through adventure because the lessons we learn on our global journeys help expand our abilities to create naturally-sourced items which fully support whole body wellness and self care.

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Sips by Beach House Teas
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Why you’ll love this tea

Beautiful is an organic and herbal loose leaf tea blended with ginger root, lemon verbena, spearmint, peppermint, rose hips, rose petals, and jasmine to bring you beauty from the inside out. A visually gorgeous blend, this tea is aromatic and a sense of well-being enhancer. Great hot or iced.

Why you’ll love this brand

The founder's family has always supported local and Pacific Northwest agriculture by sourcing locally harvested or growing their own crops to turn into delicious homemade drinks. From home-brewed beer, wines, teas, and spirits. It all began with their love of the outdoors, gardening, farming, cooking, baking, and creating with the varied bounty of the Northwest. Now Beach House Teas wants to bring their handcrafted loose leaf tea blends and tea-infused natural products to your family.

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Benefits of Tea for Glowing Skin

If you’re wondering exactly how tea can help you glow up, here’s a breakdown of the natural properties in tea that contribute to healthy skin.


Not only does chamomile tea calm your mind and body with a soothing aroma that naturally promotes beauty sleep, but it contains the powerful antioxidant quercetin that helps protect the skin against sun damage and breakouts. It can also heal acne scars and reduce pigmentation with free-radical fighting properties.

Green Tea

Green tea contains the most antioxidants by far which act as healthy prebiotics to create the best super tea solution for a healthy gut, and consequently, healthy skin. Green tea also contains catechins that are powerful anti-inflammatory agents. For even more healthy goodness, matcha has all of the same healthful benefits but at much higher levels, including vitamin K for increased blood circulation, and impactful levels of chlorophyll that may help protect the skin from environmental damage and clarify the complexion.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea has powerful levels of nutrients that are good for your skin such as alpha hydroxy and zinc. This revitalizing tea has traditionally been used to treat skin issues such as eczema and reduce the effects of sun damage.

Rose Tea

Rose tea smells amazing and helps with healthy digestion and cellular turnover due to its anti-aging properties and levels of vitamin A.

Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea is a natural healer that’s been used for centuries for healthy digestion, as an antiseptic, and as a source of vitamin C which is known to detoxify acne, balance, and tone skin.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is best known for its antibacterial properties that defend against skin infections.

Mint Tea

Mint tea is full of menthol that acts as an astringent, meaning it’s often used to minimize excess oil in your pores and reduce impurities in the skin. It’s also effective at reducing inflammation (see ya later splotchy redness!) and healing hormonal acne.

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is a natural, gentle source of AHAs, a product often found in skin serums and cleansers. Hibiscus also contains antioxidants and is packed with vitamins that are linked to shrinking the appearance of pore size and protecting against environmental damage.

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea (often paired with green tea) contains tons of antioxidants that improve skin elasticity, fight free radicals, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles!

Beauty Tea Shop

The Beauty Tea Shop is the perfect place to find the best teas for a glowing complexion. These beauty teas are top rated by Sips by's 1,000,000 members for their ability to detox, cleanse, and improve overall skin health, providing you with a delicious way to feel good from the inside out. Our Beauty Tea Shop offers a wide variety of tea types and flavors, so you can find the perfect tea for your mug. Explore the best Beauty Tea Shop today to discover unique tea selections and learn how they can help you look and feel your best!

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