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When we're not obsessing over tea, we're often can be found fangirl-ing over captivating books, movies, and TV shows. With hundreds of varieties of teas, it begs the question: what teas would our favorite characters love? Which types of tea would pair well with popular mythical worlds and tales of adventure? From Middle Earth to Hogwarts, we've listed the tea blends we believe best complement our favorite fictional worlds.

Glimmering Dusk tea

1Harry Potter + Glimmering Dusk

This caramel black tea elixir has a hypnotic golden glimmer that will enchant any Potterhead. It’s not for muggles, of course, but you won’t need a magic spell to enjoy this mystical cup.

Organic Silk Dragon Jasmine

2Avatar: The Last Airbender + Organic Silk Dragon Jasmine

Fit for the Dragon of the West himself, this pure jasmine tea brings balance and joy, just the way Uncle Iroh likes it. Sip on this floral jasmine brew during a solo ATLA binge, or with new friends. In the words of Uncle Iroh, “sharing tea with a fascinating stranger is one of life’s true delights”.

something blue loose leaf tea

3Percy Jackson & the Olympians + Something Blue

Between fighting ancient monsters and surviving high school, these half-bloods definitely need a pick-me-up from time to time. Our favorite son of Posiedon would love this tea for its caffeine content and, of course, its comforting blue hue. Whether you’re catching the subway to work or to Mount Olympus, this black tea will give you some much-needed energy.

English Afternoon tea box

4Jane Austen + English Afternoon Tea

Get swept away to Regency-era romance in the English countryside with this classic English Afternoon tea. Snuggle up with a warm mug and your copy of Pride and Prejudice, or invite your book club over for a Jane Austen afternoon tea party.

Cultivate Taste Flowery Fields tea

5Studio Ghibli + Flowery Fields

Evoke the magic and beauty of your favorite Studio Ghibli films with this flower-filled cup. One sip of this tea will transport you to the picturesque nature scenes and serenity of these beloved animated adventures.

Peace and Love on the Planet Earth tea blend

6Steven Universe + Peace and Love on the Planet Earth

Exceedingly simple, and yet so good! This soothing fruity blend was created specifically with Steven Universe in mind, and will leave you humming happily on your own Crystal Gem adventure.

Midnight Pumpkin Tea

7Anything Disney + Trader Nick's Teas

Inspired by the magic of Disney, Trader Nick’s themed teas will bring the wonder and enchantment of beloved fairy tales straight to your cup. Along with this Cinderella Midnight Pumpkin blend, we recommend Alice’s Tea Party for a maddeningly-delicious brew.

Matcha Ice Cream Tea container

8Stranger Things + Matcha Ice Cream

We imagine this sweet Matcha Ice Cream tea tastes just as rich and creamy as the ice cream from Scoops Ahoy, and far better than the mysterious green goo lying around the Hawkins lab.

Lavender Earl Grey loose leaf tea

9The Lord of the Rings + Lavender Earl Grey

After traveling across Middle Earth to save the world, any Hobbit would want to sit back and enjoy a simple cup of tea. We’re positive this Lavender Earl Grey would have been a staple in the Shire, and perhaps the same tea Biblo invited Gandalf over for.

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