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How to Make Sun Tea

How to Make Sun Tea

There are plenty of ways to make a refreshing glass of tea in the summer - iced tea and cold brew tea are the most popular, but have you ever heard of sun tea? Sun tea may not be the fastest or most cutting-edge way to make tea, but it’s a nostalgic summer tradition. The novelty of making sun tea on a porch takes you back to those long, carefree summers as a kid. In between riding bikes and eating popsicles, nothing could quench your thirst like a rewarding glass of the sun tea you set out yourself.

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The simplicity of sun tea is what makes it so delicious. It’s tea in water infused by the sun. Now, that’s not to say that making sun tea doesn’t require some skill and finesse - try picking the perfect spot outside where the sun directly hits your tea for several hours - before calling yourself a pro. This charming method of making tea dates back to the 19th century, but became extremely popular in the 1970s.

Once you watch the sun rays slowly brew your tea and transform the water to a beautiful golden color, you’ll forget all about needing to boil water to make your tea. The truth is that the flavor of tea leaves will infuse in any water - boiling, simmering, cold, lukewarm, you name it. Sun tea just takes more time than boiling water, but not as long as cold brewed tea. But what’s a better time to slow down and enjoy the process of making sun tea than on a long summer day?



On top of the novelty of steeping it, sun tea has many benefits. It can be brewed anywhere - you only need tea, water, a container, and the sun. Besides a rainy day getting in the way of your sun tea plans, it’s the most accessible way to make tea in places where electricity might not be available. Still craving a cup of tea when you’re camping or on a road trip? Just set it outside or on the dashboard of your car in the sun!

Plus, even the taste of sun tea is better. The slow steeping of the tea brings out a smoother taste that’s less astringent and acidic. Similar to cold brewed tea, sun tea also extracts less caffeine than hot tea while retaining the healthy antioxidants naturally present in tea.



In spite of the many benefits, sun tea is a controversial beverage. Some research shows that sun tea can be dangerous to drink, but only when it’s brewed incorrectly. Bacteria can grow in water at 130° F but are only killed at 195° F. In some cases, it’s possible for bacteria to grow in sun tea because the sun warms the water enough to promote growth but is not hot enough to kill them. However, it's possible to reduce this risk by making your sun tea correctly! Here are some safety tips to avoid bacteria growth in sun tea:

  • Use filtered water
  • Use a sterilized jar
  • Don’t leave sun tea out for longer than 4 hours
  • Add sweetener after it’s done steeping
  • Refrigerate sun tea immediately after steeping


How long sun tea takes to brew depends on several factors: the amount of sun tea you’re making, how hot it is outside, and your taste preference. Generally, it should take 1-4 hours to make sun tea. If you’re only making a small jar or bottle of sun tea, it should only take 1-2 hours to brew to perfection. If you’re making a large pitcher or dispenser of sun tea, you’re probably waiting for 3-4 hours on that glass of refreshing iced tea. As the sun moves, you may need to move your sun tea jar around to keep it in direct sunlight.


You can use any type of tea to make sun tea - loose leaf tea, tea bags, sachets, and large iced tea bags. Sun tea is traditionally made with a classic black tea, but the fun part is trying out different blends or mixing different flavors of tea together. We recommend making sun tea with a robust black tea first to get the classic experience, then try out more summery flavors like a fruity herbal tea or crisp green tea!

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Bask in the feeling of summer when making this nostalgic brew! Learn how to steep any tea in the sun for an uplifting and restorative warm-weather drink. Follow the recipe below to make a large batch of sun tea you can share, or simply try it out first by making one cup with 1-2 tea bags.


Makes 1 gallon (10-12 servings) // Prep Time: 5 minutes // Cook Time: 1-4 hours

What You'll Need

  • Filtered water
  • Loose leaf tea/bags/sachets
  • Glass pitcher, bottle, or jar with lid
  • Sunshine
  • Optional: Add sprigs of mint or sliced lemon
  • Optional: Sweeten with honey, agave, sugar, or simple syrup


Measure your tea. Use 8 tea bags or 5-8 tablespoons of loose-leaf tea per gallon of water. Don’t be afraid to mix and match! Sun tea is an unstuffy way to make tea so feel like you can experiment with different blends - you might just stumble upon the best concoction ever.

Fill your clear container with cold or room temperature water and add tea. Make sure you use a container with a lid so no bugs, dirt, or leaves fall in. (You might be bringing the tea to nature but you don’t really want nature in your tea.)

Set your container out in the sun - on a porch, a sunlit window, a car dashboard, etc.

Check the taste and color of your sun tea every hour, infusing it for up to 4 hours.

Refrigerate immediately and drink within 1-2 days, as sun tea won’t last as long as hot tea. Enjoy chilled over ice!

Take it further: Add fresh slices of lemon or sprigs of mint and sweeten with honey, agave, sugar, or simple syrup!

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