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How to Make Cloud Tea

Butterfly pea flower tea in a white teacup with a cloud reflected in the tea

Cloud milk tea lattes are as magical and beautiful as they sound. Butterfly pea flowers are brewed to make a sky-blue floral tea, and frothed milk creates a “cloud” layer on top. The best part — one drop of lemon juice transforms this color-changing tea into a vibrant pink cup, the color of a glowing sunset! Delicious hot or iced, this butterfly pea flower cloud latte is sure to be a show-stopper.

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How to Make Cloud Milk Tea

Makes 1 serving // Total time: 5 minutes // Prep time: 1 minute


  • Filtered water
  • 1 tsp dried butterfly pea flower. We recommend Pink Citrus Magic by Tea Kitten.
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp honey, sugar, vanilla syrup, or your choice of sweetener (optional)
  • Ice (optional)


Begin by heating water till it's boiling. Steep your butterfly pea flower tea, following package instructions. For an iced latte, double the amount of dried butterfly pea flower to ensure the ice won't dilute the tea. Stir in honey or sweetner to taste.

While the tea is brewing, start steaming your milk. Add milk to a saucepan and over low heat until it's hot to the touch, or for one to three minutes. You can also subsitute the milk with a vegan milk alternative, like almond or coconut milk.

Reserve half of the steamed milk, taking the other half to froth. The easiest way to froth milk is with a handheld milk frother or a french press. If you don't have these tools, you can still whisk the steamed milk constantly until it's foamy.

If you prefer an iced latte, fill a glass with ice. Pour butterfly pea flower tea over the ice, and then pour in half a cup of steamed milk. Finally, scoop up some of the frothed milk for a 'cloud' topping.

After savoring the delightful blue hues of your drink, you can add in a teaspoon of lemon juice to watch your drink transform to a bright pink! For an extra sprinkle of color, you can even garnish with pieces of dried butterfly pea flowers.

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