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3 DIY Fall Tea Crafts


It’s DIY season all year-round but these ones are perfect and relevant for Fall and of course, tea. These are fun, easy projects that aren’t time consuming and are rewarding and very useful. All these crafts are valuable to have in your own home but are also wonderful party favors and gift ideas if you’re looking to gift a little something handmade with love. So, go fix a cuppa and get to crafting!

1. Tea Soaps

Photo Credit: Truth Voice

Tea soaps make beautiful gifts as well as fun weekend projects to stock up your beauty cabinet. As you may have seen from all our other blogs on tea beauty, tea has a multitude of health benefits and cleansing your body inside and out is definitely one of them. Possibly one of the best things about this craft is that it’s super easy - simply heat up the soap base, add in tea and essential oils, pour into a mold and let harden! That’s it! Check these crafty tutorials on how to make your own tea soap at Thirsty for Tea, A Pumpkin and a Princess, The Spruce, and Lulu the Baker.

2. Herbal Tea Blends

Photo Credit: Wicked Spatula

Did you know you could concoct your own herbal tea blends? All you need are select combinations of herbs, mix ‘em all together, and done. You’ve got yourself your own specialized and personalized tea blends. Get creative and spread some love with quick and easy handmade gifts. Check out these wonderfully helpful tutorials at Mountain Rose Herbs, Brit + Co, A Delightful Home, Learning Herbs, and Wellness Mama. There are also plenty more if you just give “DIY Herbal Tea Blends” a Google search! If you find any other interesting tutorials, please link them in the comments so we can all check it out!

3. Tea Cozies

Photo Credit: Craftsy

These cozies are adorable and perfect for when the weather’s getting colder outside, making your tea cool down faster. These little cozies are functional and fashionable - an adorable way to adorn your teapot, teacup, or mug and spruce it up a bit. You can probably find some cute ones at the store, but handmade is always best. These, too, make adorable gifts to your tea lover friends and are simple crafts for those new to crochet or knitting. You can also find plenty of free sewing patterns like this one! Check out this list of free and easy crochet patterns at The Spruce. You can definitely find more by Google searching “free tea cozy pattern” or you can find patterns to purchase on websites like Etsy (like this pineapple one for example)!




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