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Tea Spells for Bad Witches

Tea Spells for Bad Witches

Need some tricks to go with your treats? Try one of these magical elixirs. They'll cast a beauty spell so powerful, you'll feel like an evil queen.


These tea-infused DIY beauty spells will make you believe in magic. Try a matcha mask, lighten your hair with chamomile tea, make a sleeping potion, or brew a love spell.


This wicked elixir will give your skin a magical, fresh appearance. Matcha has been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory properties and to treat skin redness. Matcha stimulates elastin, a protein that is in charge of the skin’s elasticity. Elastin can improve wrinkles, sun damage, and more.

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Cast a spell with this gentle aphrodisiac tea. Rose petals and passionflowers set the mood for romance.

Passionflower is a gentle sedative, this tea has been shown to be helpful for sleep. It also helps to relieve anxiety and naturally relax muscles, making it helpful if you feel restless before bed. Rose petals are a natural aphrodisiac that blend perfectly with passionflower tea.


Need some beauty sleep? Cast a sleeping spell with this soothing tea recipe.

Often used in Chinese herbal medicine, magnolia bark tea helps you sleep in a number of ways. It balances GABA levels, which promote relaxation and help you fall asleep more quickly. It also helps you to stay asleep, so you wake up feeling well-rested. Valerian root or "nature's Valium" has been used since ancient times to promote tranquility and improve sleep.


Is your hair as dry as a scarecrow's? This is the perfect season to hydrate your hair and give it a radiant glow.

Lighten and hydrate your hair with this magic formula. These natural ingredients will give your hair a smoother texture and brighten your color. Chamomile gives golden highlights to blonde hair and can lighten brunette hair 1 to 2 shades.

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