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Tea Beauty Hack: Black Tea Sunburn Relief

black tea sunburn relief

Lounging outside on a warm day with the sun shining down on you can feel amazing. That is, until you go back inside and realize your skin is red, itchy, painful, and maybe even blistering. Enjoying the sun shouldn't be painful. Sunburns are the worst, but we know of a super easy and effective black tea remedy that will have your skin recovering in no time!

While using Aloe Vera gel is the holy grail for treating sunburn, this homemade recipe is rich in anti-oxidants and uses kitchen staples to effectively treat any skin irritation or sunburn. Though black tea on sunburns does the trick, we recommend always using sunblock before heading out in the sun. In the off-chance you experience skin irritation and burn after applying sunscreen, read along to find one of the best tea remedies for sunburn.




Pour the boiling water over the black tea and let it steep for an hour. You'll be left with a very potent brew! Strain, if needed, and refrigerate the black tea until it is cool to the touch. DO NOT perform the following steps with hot or warm tea - this will only make the burns worse.

Soak a clean cloth in the black tea and apply it to the affected areas, holding it in place for 15 minutes to allow the tea to penetrate the burned layer of skin. Once the black tea is dry, repeat the process up to four times a day and do not rinse the tea off of your skin.

If you do this process before bedtime, you should wake up to a substantial improvement in your skin. Black tea is extremely soothing, eliminating redness, pain, and itchiness overnight. This tea bath will not only treat sunburns easily but also help with relaxation after a busy day.


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