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Hibiscus & Rooibos Bath Tea

hibiscus & rooibos bath tea

Soak yourself in self-care with this soothing bath tea. The antioxidants found in Rooibos will help to moisturize, tighten, and brighten your skin. Rooibos has been used by South Africans for generations because of its numerous health benefits.



  • 1 cup of dried hibiscus flowers
  • 1 cup of rose petals
  • ½ tbsp of cardamom pods
  • 20 drops rose essential oil + 5 drops sandalwood essential oil
  • ½ cup of Epsom salt
  • Rooibos tea - we recommend Organic Rooibos Tea - My Red Tea for this beauty hack!


In a bowl, mix the salts and essential oils together. In another bowl, mix the flowers and dried tea together. Gently stir in the salts and essential oils into the bowl of flowers. To enjoy your bath tea, scoop the mix into a reusable cotton bag, cheesecloth, or muslin bag. When you’re ready to use your bath tea, directly hang the bag under the faucet for the water to soak up all the tea before entering the bath, or place it in the bath directly. Soak it all in.

If you try this tea hack at home, be sure to share a photo, tag us and use #SipsbyTea!



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